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The C&E Spring Meeting 2013 will gather top science and innovations, bringing together academia and industry to present and debate the key issues for future science based innovation in cereal research on May 29 - 31, 2013 in Leuven, Belgium.

Topics include

  • Cereal biotechnology
  • Cereal constituents and ingredients
    • Cereals and flour
    • Cereal constituents
    • Enzymes in cereal based applications
  • Cereal based food production and processing
    • Dough and bread making
    • Grain and ingredient processing
    • Gluten and gluten-free
  • Structure-function relationships
    • Texture and structure of bakery products
    • Texture and sensory properties
  • Analytical aspects
    • ​Structure characterisation and visualisation
    • New analytical techniques
  • Nutritional aspects of cereal based foods, food processing and ingredients
    • Dietary fibre
    • An industrial view on health and nutrition
    • Whole grain and bran


  • Last modified 26-05-2013